Date: 4/3/2019

By Flamango5

So I had this dream of two different trains. The one on my right was going to my destination, but for some strange reason I went into n the other one to this town. This guy(some sort of leader), respected me because I was daughter of someone? We were in a group, so he also liked that we were from Tf2. Dream logic xd. I can’t make out the rest. So I go on the train I wanted to go on(my friend was there). We had to do this really easy thing while we were there, which was 630 years apparently. When we got off, my friend wasn’t there. I was glad, I wanted to walk independently anyway. I was happy to explore the snowy forest path with the lady leading us and the group. I fell of this cliff covered in snow(it was actually fun), and the lady got mad, so I tried to climb up. I did, but that’s when I woke. Holy shet. Lol hai I’m new also, I hope you are having a wonderful day. UwU