holding hands with mr.stranger...❤️

Date: 4/17/2017

By yasamean

The sun shined down on us , me, with hazel eyes and brown curls ( which was quite shocking since I usually go with my naturally straight hair ) my boy friend ( not to be confused with boyfriend ) , with a very cute face , peering down at the tiles on the floor , and a stranger whom I'd never met ... porcelain skin and fluffy black hair , and an obviously well-kept body under a cute sweater . I'm guessing he was my boy friend's friend , who had come along as a " third wheel " . Yet he was anything but that . We all stepped out of a nice car, leading towards a classy mall . I had started opening up conversation with this man whom I'd never met , talking excitedly through what seemed to be an already starting crush , until my friend started to get envious and grabbed my hand . At first I just looked at him , a little confused as he let go of his grab and slipped his fingers between mine until they were interlaced ... but he had no idea that this friend of his would do the same . With confidence , the stranger took his hand in mine , and he begin pulling me along , which meant pulling us ALL along towards a beauty shop that looked like a hippy's version of Lush . We all let go, the objects of our desire pulling us closer until all we could do was look at the price tags on bath bombs and wish for money to rain out from the sky . Soggily , I treaded towards the door to leave because I felt quite tired . Soon enough before I could leave , mr.stranger came out to hold my hand . " leaving already ? " I slightly smirked at his words and a playful pout that he had given me before inching closer to give him a kiss on the cheek , answering him with " I need to go , sorry ... " I felt selfish and a little rude for leaving without telling them both goodbye ... but my yearning didn't end there ... Before it was all over , I gave him a final kiss on the lips , and walked away from this stranger without even getting his name .