Burglar in the House

Date: 3/7/2017

By Eurydice

This dream was pretty choppy which isn't usual for me since I typically dream with a beginning, a middle and an end (sometimes, believe it or not, with movie credits once it's over). Anyway, I was in my old "teenager bedroom" in Beacon Hill and I heard a loud thump come from the attic above, as if something heavy and solid fell over up there. I went to investigate the noise, found nothing upstairs, headed to check on the rest of the house, only to /spot Alex (my youngest son) coming down the stairs with a strange man behind him. Alex looked scared and he wasn't speaking. If I recall correctly, his face was bruised or bloodied. After acknowledging this scene, I calmly "excused" myself from their company and went to the kitchen where I cleverly and quietly dialed 911, pretending I was calling my husband to come downstairs. Then, I went back to the room where they were and I calmly and confidently walked right up to the burglar (who had admitted he was there to steal from us, but he wasn't specific about WHAT he was going to take) and I put a large, sharp knife up against his throat, looked him straight in the eyes and I growled at him, "I'm not going to let you take him!" The police showed up at this point and I leaned into the now captured criminal and said, "It doesn't have to be like this. Turn your life around, you can do it. You're better than this." After a gap/break in dreaming, I found myself in a white mansion (that Donald Trump apparently owned) and I was (very) reluctantly house sitting. I had to walk through this giant house and lock all the doors and windows each night. It seemed daunting since there were too many windows and doors. It literally took one entire day to make the rounds in the house. One night, I stumbled upon a party being held at the mansion, out on a patio/balcony. The guests there talked me into joining them, even though I knew that 1) they shouldn't be there and 2) I should be locking all the doors and windows instead of partying. Nevertheless, I joined the party and felt happy.