Defeating ISIS in my bodysuit

Date: 3/12/2017

By katiepainter97

Night of July 17th I left my family at one point in the summer because I was summoned to help fight Isis with a group of other people my age and older. It was a select group for some weird reason we don't know how they picked it. First stop, we were in the desert. We destroyed most of Isis but some kept running after us. We had a big trailer to keep us safe that we were all running to. My leader was in there as I was getting chased and I jumped in and slammed the door on an Isis member. But I had 3 other doors to shut as he was running. I completed the mission and my leader thanked me. (It was agent hotchner from criminal minds for some reason). But the rest of us got in the trailer and hid for a long time. It was Christmas Eve when I finally knew how long we were in the trailer. I only knew because I was handed a tiny Christmas present from my so called "older adopted sister". That's when I realized I had to go home. So I escaped when no one was watching. I came home for a bit and my mom was so happy I was home. I thought I would feel better being home, but I didn't. I abandoned my team. So I went back after a day of rest at home. The next day, we were off to fight again. We were going to New York and I came back in the midst of people changing into big body suits. My leader and my adopted sister asked where I was very sternly, but I said I was caught in a desert storm when I was out. They believed me and handed me a survival backpack along with a tight, black, bodycon suit that was webbed at my fingers and feet. Since I was in the black suit, I was at the end of the line due to the color coding. I watched everyone ascend into the air from these big portals. I wondered how long id be gone this time, but it didn't matter how long because I knew I'd just go anyway. The guy who was launching people liked me so he let me choose the color lens for my goggles. I chose a bubblegum pink. After that. I ran to get the green sticky tape so I can tape the things I wanted to my arms in flight. I taped the necklace my dad gave to me that was an heirloom. I had it with me everywhere I went for protection. After I was set, I gave the man the thumbs up to launch me to my next mission.