dream 2

Date: 4/25/2017


2day i woke up with 4 dreams the first idk cant remember , so this is the second dream -------------------- Me and my family were at a park/mall sooo while they were setting everything up i went to the market inside the mall , so as i was walking around this girl grabs my hand and said "do you want to go to the beach with me?" i was surprised and 4 some reason i said "ok" then i teleported to my grandpa's house , i didn't realised 4some reason , soo i started eating lunch with them then suddenly i teleported AGAIN to this girl , we were at a roof of some weird building and we see this door and it leads 2down stairs , so me and this girl ( i had a crush on her ) and her sister decided 2 go down this door , so we went 2 open it and realised that it was looked , so i punched it really hard then it fell , then we saw this staircase it was a slide with looked doors , so without thinking we said yes , we went on the slide and i had to break doors then we ended up in disco/ bar , so we started dancing 4some reason then we realised we were at a water park , then i teleported with that same water park and played with the slide then we saw a bullet shell inside a pool , so we kept it and i took it from behind them , i walked and i saw the gun , soo being stupid that i am i tool the bullet putted it back in the gun and shot it a nother pool that was under us ( we were high up ) as it landed an old lady dived to get the bullet , as soon as she got it she threw at back 2 me , but then i realised that the girl that i had a crush on left , i was heart broken and was guilty of not taking her number . THE END