Bunny murderer

Date: 7/12/2017

By erikavita6

I've been having a series of dreams about animals being harmed lately. This one was particularly gruesome. Part one My car is getting worked on for some reason. When I get there the guys working on it inexplicably have a rusty file cabinet in the front seat that they're trying to saw the lock off. There's a mastiff laying on the ground with some other guys and they tell me not to be afraid of him. I tell them I need the car now and we push the file cabinet out. I then notice my radio has been ripped off the console and is hanging by a bunch of wires which pisses me off. The guy ghetto rigs it back in place and as I drive away the windows won't go up and it's cold outside. (*I think I was feeling the fan in our room which was on a little too high and making me cold.) Part 2 I'm at a crowded bar and it's the bartender's birthday. For her birthday, we are all going on some kind of scavenger hunt. I don't really understand what we're supposed to me looking for but overhear a few people saying 'we gotta look over by the bunnies!'. I somehow stumble across the birthday girl while I'm eating a Little Debbie's Yodel and give her the second one then recycle the box. We then start running toward the bunny enclosure and it comes out that we are meant to be finding the bunny murderer. I look around at all the people and everyone is upset. As we get inside the enclosure, people say 'watch where you step'. I look on the ground and there are severed (but not bloody) bunny heads everywhere. There's a couple on bunnies still hopping around but most have been decapitated at this point. Then we see a tall, slender, dark haired man approaching with a bunny in a noose made from a bungee cord that he is helicoptering over his head. He comes closer to us and everyone is screaming at him to stop. I give him the middle finger and call him a fucking asshole. Then he (who is much bigger than everyone, almost giant-sized at this point) looks down at all of us in the enclosure and starts to really torment us. Walking around, swinging the bunny by the neck, etc. Its obviously dead at this point but we're all still wanting to save it. Then at some point, he singles me out and tells me to stand still and close my eyes, which I do. I then feel the weight of the lifeless body of the rabbit slowly glide down my shoulder and then thud onto the ground.