First day on the job

Date: 5/9/2021

By Purple

Lots of details about starting a new job in my dream. I am currently unemployed. I don’t remember the order of events, so I’m just going to list each individually. I was riding on a train. It seems like a lot of people knew each other. The seats on the train were arranged like a New York City bus. I made my way towards the back to look for a seat. There were a few girls standing around some empty seats. I assumed they were going to sit down as soon as they saw me arriving. However, one girl smiled and moved over as a kind gesture for me to sit where I thought she was going to sit. I smiled and said thank you as I accepted the seat. I was starting a new job. I was to follow two girls into some morning meeting that they attend every day morning before the rest of the work day begins. The two girls had a notebook and a pen. They did not supply me with anything. I have a very small spiral book that I had brought from home. It’s the type that I wrote my homework into when I was a kid. We made our way to this meeting. Before opening the door, the two girls looked at each other and looked at me. They reminded each other and me to smile. They also did some sort of odd gesture where the shoulders were pushed back and their arms were slightly off to the side, making themselves look larger, almost like a football player. I can understand the strategy of a smile, but making one’s shoulders looking broader with arms away from the body was perplexing. Especially since we are all female. The meeting had begun. There were about 2 dozen people in the room. I started to take notes in my small spiral-bound notebook. I was completely perplexed and I as I had no idea what my job was going to be. At some point, a middle-aged lady turned to me and asked me if I was interested in taking a math class with her. I love math, so I was super excited. I asked her if the company will pay for my math class. I don’t remember her answer to that, but she said that the math class will be 35 hours each week. I remember thinking, “What?! 35 hours a week?! And when am I going to have time to work?!” I did ask her how that would interfere with my work schedule. She said that was easy. Just make up the time. I told her there is no way that I can realistically put in a 75 hour week. Then she mentioned another class that was “only” eight hours. Only. Ha! I didn’t think I could do that either. A 40 hour work week is difficult as it is. Scene changed. I was ultimately sitting at my desk and then going to the office of my boss. This repeated 2-3 times. It seems like I had to cross the street to get to that office. I walked in behind a young man. I waited my turn, then had to ask her what she wanted me to do next. When I was at my desk, waiting for work, I took out my crochet. I know this really made me look bad, especially on my first day. But with nothing to read and nothing to do, I was at a loss. A few people made a comment that my first day’s activity will go on my record and give me a bad review when it comes time to my annual review and raise. Of course I understood what they were saying, but I was at a loss. There seemed to be some back and forth where I thought work would present itself, but then it didn’t. (I’m real life, my unemployment runs out in a week or two, so this last part may be my own insecurities about that: a job opportunity seems good but then it falls through. In real life I’m also about to start a new crochet project.) The boss lady, whose office I went to, had a walk in: her next appointment. The boss lady had asked her appointment to give her 10 more minutes, as she needed her tea break in a few minutes anyway. She was going to do something along with her tea break. I’m not sure what, but I think it was a scheduled meditation. Dream ends.