Brunette Joanie and planning her move

Date: 4/6/2017

By Purple

In my dream, Joanie had brown hair. It was short and full of body. She was debating selling her apartment and the potential buyer was offering her some financial garbage instead of cash. She and her husband were debating whether to accept the payment in pre-paid credit cards or bank bonds or some other scheme from the buyer. I was begging them not to take anything other than cash, and to demand a lot more money than what the potential buyers were offering. My friends did not see that the value of where they live was going to shoot up like a rocket and they were desperate to leave anyway, so they would have taken anything. Then Joanie was thinking about where to move to in the same neighborhood. Ugh. That neighborhood was never safe, and I was so happy once I left there. She debated taking the one apartment that faced the street and then she'd have to take out the garbage every day. I opposed that one. Street light and street noise would be too disturbing. The top apartment would have been quieter and faces the back, and no garbage duty. Once again, my imploring didn't have any impression on her decision. Although the sale of the apartment and the move were not concluded in my dream, it felt like my friend didn't realize that she had better choices than the ones presented before her.