China conquered the U.K., A huge tree and being submerged under the sea.

Date: 8/16/2017

By awalker406

It was in the 1940's and China conquered the U.K.. I was part of a freedom fighters group, who was trying to struggle uranium in this container, across a check point. We managed to obtain forged documents from our fixer. We place the container in a waiting room and queued up, waiting to show out papers. I was getting nervous inside but my thin tough exterior didn't show any signs. As we waiting, I double check the papers and notice straight away that has the year "2017". "O Shit, how are we going to get pass" I thought to myself. Then suddenly the alarm started to go. Everyone dispersed in different directions. I jumped over some fences, going thru people's gardens. I found myself on upper hallway road, in the open. A guard see me and fired at me. I try to get into cover but at the last moment, I was hit. A shot, above the hip, in the side. I could feel the pain but no blood was coming out. I eventually got caught and ended up in a jail. Next scene: I was in this weird bizarre place, where everything was covered in snow but it didn't feel cold at all. I was being chased thru a forest by a creature. I was stopped in my tracks, when I came across this huge mountain. This creature was gaining on me, I had no choice but to climb. As I started climbing, ladders and ropes began to appear from nowhere. The weather turned into a ferocious storm, blowing the ladders away. I made it to a flat open surface with a strange tree. It was massive with the roots exposed. The storm was getting unbearable, so I headed towards the roots of the tree to find cover. I was amazed when I discovered there was a doorway under the tree. I opened the door and I was in this beautiful house. I had this overwhelming feeling this my house. I was all alone but I felt safe. Next scene: I was in the sea with a blindfold on. Someone was standing next to me. A deep old male voice said "You need to wake up". He gently place me in the water and completely submerged my whole body. I could feel the weight pushing down on my chest. I didn't gasp for air. I wasn't afraid.