Theme park hotel

Date: 7/2/2019

By Perzival001

So the dream went that everyone parked in these 12 spaces and I was there with a friend named Pat and my dream girl was there. Well some kids showed up in Bentley's and others showed up in beaters. A classmate of mine James was there and he sort of vanished once we got there. So after the meeting in the counsler hotel room we went off to the beach and the beach is crowded so I went off to explore and found James trying to hack an arcade game and the other kids where running around. I went to this cove type place where it wasn't crowded and no one was there. When I got there I was followed by my dream girl and a couple of other girls that where there, so me and my dream girl went off to play some games and after winning a big teddy bear for her I woke up because someone said fuck so I said fuck and that woke me up because then I got slapped