Bro and girlfriend

Date: 3/15/2019

By jasminoo_

So before I went to sleep I heard my brother and his girlfriend fighting so I guess that’s where the dream came from. So for some reason I was at this park I used to go to ages ago and behind it was a farmers field with a container in it so yeah. I was doing a salsa dance with this guy I’ve never met before (no idea why) and then my friend Skye came up to me from the farmers field and told me to go with her or something like that so that’s what we did. Basically there was an LED light on the container and when you looked through it you saw my brother sat on his bed in his bedroom on FaceTime to his girlfriend. I was so confused. They were fighting and he was ignoring her (like what happened before I went to sleep) then I woke up and it was the morning. It was so weird.