Riding a cat

Date: 2/9/2017


I'm at my house and and it's the first time I've seen Bryan since I'd been away. We want to buy blankets for him online for his new sofas he got from the museum for £35 because they are nice and fluffy and we don't want our friends to make then dirty. So I go online shopping in the pool, I have to get my shopping friend the cat to help me. Bryan's like- not the cat again. It's a special swimming cat. Once we are out of the pool we are in the garden and I jump on to the cat and ride it around the garden it's fat and really fun, then I realise me and Bryant re finally alone, so I can give him a kiss. He has to go and I want to go with him and I say I can ride next to him back on the cat, he thought it may be more appropriate I ride on pippi, but I didn't think so.