Date: 8/20/2017

By hayley_alder

Me, four friends and my best friend Bella's mom were all waiting for a concert. This was a small concert of sorts and I don't remember who exactly was playing. Whole waiting for this concert, we shopped in a rustic looking merch/gift shop and then things went downhill. We realized quickly that this was a planned attack against us. Cars were parked outside with guns in them. They were shooting people's legs to make them easier targets. I was one of the unlucky ones who was hit. I didn't feel anything. There was a whole in my leg but i wasn't in pain so I carried on with my actions. We couldn't leave to get me medical help anyway due to the crazy man outside. The concert was not going to happen tonight. It flashed to a scene of me running around frantically but it wasn't just me. In this part I was watching my six year old self run around. And then out of nowhere, another version of myself,now older, walks up to younger me and is trying to comfort young me. Then it all flips and older me looks dead into the eyes of young me and says "it's okay. You're safe now with... THE DEVIL" The end.