Jimmy Neutron got his period

Date: 3/6/2019

By pretzeling

I watched a “very special episode” of Jimmy Neutron that involved him getting his period. I was very confused by this. I changed the channel to a different cartoon that was like a mix of Venture Bros and Family Guy. Basically there was a family: 2 young adult sons, a baby, parents, and their wacky grandpa and uncle. Both the grandpa and uncle had been having health problems and the uncle was a magician. The grandpa kept wanting one of the sons to wear an old outfit from his days working in an ice cream parlor. It was pastel, with brown overalls and a bow tie. The son kept refusing, saying it wouldn’t fit, and the grandpa kept claiming that it would. Then one day the grandpa and uncle were sitting on a bed with the baby. The grandpa ended up dying and sort of ascending to heaven, and gave a pair of keys to the uncle with a bittersweet expression. The uncle took the keys and then passed away himself, ascending upward in a meditative pose. The baby (who looked like Stewie?) turned his face away and began to cry with weirdly vivid animation. I knew there must be some sort of higher significance to the scene but I couldn’t figure it out.