Intense Erotica

Date: 4/4/2017

By LionFoot65

The first thing I remember was that I was at this scene where this princess at this Buddhist temple was getting ready for her day with her little brother and she got naked in front of him and the monks who were helping her which I thought was weird while I was invisible just witnessing it. Next Scene: It was spring break again and I was waiting for a day when I could do some shrooms by myself or with my little brother because he asked me if I had acid and I told him that I didn't. I also had peyote with me for some reason and I remember munching on a button even though I've never tried it before IRL. Next Scene: I was with this girl in my moms car while my dad was driving and I just felt impulsive enough to start touching her. I remember she was protesting at first but I kept doing it because she seemed to be letting me and looked like she was liking it. I then took of her pants and panties and started to slowly rub my fingers between her pussy lips. I heard her moan softly and I slid my fingers into her tight wet pussy while I softly rubbed her clit with my thumb. She started moaning louder and louder as I started finger fucking her faster and faster and I new she was ready when I saw that my fingers were so creamy with her pussy juices. I then moved myself so that I was between her legs and pulled out my long hard cock. Her eyes widened when she saw it and weakly protested it as I moved in to penetrate her tight wet pussy. Unfortunately the dream changed just as I was about to go inside of her. Next Scene: I was outside and I saw this crazy black guy with a gun yelling at this other black guy named Phoenix and then he looked directly at me and pointed the gun at me. I said woah dude chill while I put $40 that I had on the ground for some reason. I managed to calm the crazy guy down somehow and I saw this other black guy reach down to take my $40. I snatched it from him and said "Dude thats not yours." While looking at him funny. Next Scene: I went to the restroom for some reason and all of a sudden this asian girl in yoga pants and a jacket went in with which I thought was weird and I think a part of me realized that I was dreaming. I also remember sighing for her and walked up to her and told to take her clothes off "because this is a dream" I said and she protested so I think I willed her clothes off and once they were off I noticed that she was covered by a white sticky liquid which I guess symbolized her pussy juices. Tbh I don't think I was entirely lucid when this happened even though I told her it was a dream. Once she was naked I turned her around and bent her over so that I had a clear view of her beautifully shaped ass and dripping wet pussy. She was protesting the whole time that I was getting ready to fuck her. I pulled out my long hard cock for the second time in my dream and rubbed it against her pussy. She started moaning softly despite her protests as I started to slowly penetrated her hot, tight, creamy pussy. It felt sooo good and when when I was halfway way in and when I slammed my last four inches she let out a squeal of delight.