A day with BTS

Date: 3/2/2019

By CocoFuze

I was hanging out with Jungkook, Jin, V, and Jimin. We were playing around with each other and playing practical jokes on each other. When one of us would trip, we all would laugh, then pile onto the person who fell. I happened to be the main one falling. Jungkook would laugh and gently lay on me. We would laugh, then they would help me up. We started chatting in Korean, then soon we would be back to playing around with each other. At one point, we drew in chalk on the ground. We had so much fun. We also ended up on a Korean game show, in which I struggled to speak in Korean, which was unusual for me. Then, as we walked back to one of their Aunt's house, I tried to explain in Korean that I was going to meet up with Suga and was trying to surprise him with something special, though I didn't know what to get. I was trying, but I kept failing to properly explain in Korean. The boys played a practical joke on me right before we were to enter the house we were going to. I ended up on the stairs going up to the house and Jungkook drew a chalk image right next to me, took a picture with me on the stairs, then helped me up. When we went into the house, the Aunt said that she had adopted me. The boys sat down to chill and I prepared a bowl of food while watching tv. I suddenly felt not loved and ran away, with my new adoptive Aunt chasing after me trying to console me. My mom got wind I was running away and got people looking for me. Someone saw me and called my mom, as I went into the parking lot, where my parents' car was parked. They called me diarrhea and I was confused. They told me it was written on the back of the shirt I was wearing. I went out of myself to check it and saw that someone had written diarrhea on my shirt, plus the day's date.