Deathly Hallows with Pens

Date: 7/19/2017

By _angelhuhhh_

I can't remember every detail, but it started off when I was in my mansion?!! I somehow kidnapped a dude about my age, if not, a little older. I was also a little older than my real life age. So I went in to the mansion, I think I had a secret code to get in, but then we went in, and my dream skipped through the whole living room and everything. It continues to one of my rooms in a hallyway part of the house. There's a an intricate bath with curtains in front for privacy, a T.V. and a bed. So I bring the guy in to keep watch over him and there's another living being, I think it's a cat. But anyway, before I get into the shower I have a thought that said, let's check out this mansion and all of its rooms, cuz like it's pretty cool. So I walk outside and look into all the rooms, some are just plain rooms with a bed, others are bathrooms, then when I reach the end of the hallway, there's 2 cat rooms on both sides of the end. I opened the door amd closed it after I saw all of them. Then I walked back to my room with the T.V. So i say to the guy (he has headphones in and apparently it's the kind of T.V. that moves around, like it's attached to the wall, but it can hit angles. He's lying on the bed and all of a sudden I'm feeling horny and want to have sex with him (he's pretty hot), but anyway, I say to him, "Hey, if you want, there's other rooms for you to stay in, the room across is pretty boring, but along the hallway, you can check it out. If you want, you can just stay right there, but I'm going to take a bath." I wait for his response, but he just nods to me and says okay. So being me, I walk across within his eyeview, pull down my shorts, bend over so my butt is facing him, then I'm wearing a sort of shirt jacket that's like a windbreaker, and i cover my private part, then pull down my underwear. My thoughts were, "I hope he saw me; He better like what he sees; Does he want to have sex with me, too?" then I walk around the curtain and take my jacket off, so my bra is the only thing on. All of a sudden, the curtain became see through, so the outside can now see I have my bra on, but of course I'm squatting down so nobody can see my privates. Then I turn around and take my bra off and go to the more deeper part of the bath. Like I said, it was an intricate bathroom. So fastforwarding, similar to Harry Potter, this is a wizarding world. I am on my own in this jail sort of thing with crowds around me and stairs and stairs and stairs that lead to nothing but jailrooms and a room of a who's guilty system. So I'm walking and I guess I'm disguised as one of the bodyguards, so I walka round and fake check everyone, I see loved ones and I free them secretly so they can escape later on. But then the real guy comes in for the checking and as I'm standing in my post. I have a car mechanic that can fly?? so the guy in the middle who has an iPad and checking the reds and greens, he realizes that I'm a good being in disguised as a bad being. He yells, " Get her!" So a chomping robot chomps on the front of my flying car and I pull a reverse so I back on out of there and fly away. I don't know where I go, but I realized now that I am on the right side driving, so this must be somewhere in the UK/Europe/places that drive on the right. Fastforwarding again, I end up in that jail tower agAin, and the dude who was in my mansion earlier in the dream, becomes on my side in disguise with the bad beings. So he frees me and I run to the very top of the tower. I end up on the rooftop and the very bad guy, similar to Voldemort, he's meets me at the top. I jump off into a pool because he thinks he killed me. and I swim across the pool floor and i just keep touching ends. His daughter meets me there and gives me 2 pens and says, "Here, it should work now. Just make sure this is clicked so the other can work." Then she swims up and says she can't find me and I also have no clue what is going on with the pens and what I'm supposed to do with them. Then the big guy joins me in the pool and swims across the surface, while I'm still swimming on the floor, I am aware of my limited breathing supply of oxygen, something I knew my limit of in real life, but surpass it in my dream. So I swim up because I am spotted and i run to the middle of the grassy area, and I am not wet. The guy comes up and meets me in a sparring stance. We circle each other with his daughter standing on the side, and he attacks first with his pen as I fly up to a lamppost that's very cool because it's like a cube of water on top of a stick that glows. At this moment, I realize the pen is my weapon and the guy realizes that I had no idea. Then he meets me in the air and during this battle, we are spitting battle phrases at each other. So I fly down and snatch his daughter in one arm and fly up. She whispers to me, "Stab me with your pen. I am his weakness." So I do as she said and beforehand, he looks at me with a look that says, "Oh don't you dare." So I do it and he screams a shrilling pitch and I come up to him and stab him with the other pen, I let go of her daughter and she falls somewhere safe. I take my other pen click it which caused it to unclick and I stab him and I fly up to the rooftop of the tower. He says to me, "Uh oh, guess you thought it was clicked," with an evil grin. I remove my pen and he attacks just as I check and then click it, and he says, "What are you going to do, I broke your other point." (There's 2 points on the pen.) Then someone yells to me how to defeat him. I come up to him and our pens meet, he thought this would destroy me because it's how he destroyed me before. But all that happens is I recoil. Then I come up and stab him with both pens on both sides. He grows still in my grip, but he is still alive, motionless. Someone yells, "I don't understand, he is supposed to die." So I say, "What if he is dead." So I let go and I latch onto the side of the brick tower as he falls to the very bottom of the ground, his head bleeds and he does something to his pens, he throws it somewhere, and he sees I still have my pens on in case he decides to attack again. So he says, "You can relax. You won. I won't fight anymore." So I advance closer untill I am right next to him and he dies. Fastforwarding, we return to the front of my mansion and I say my goodbyes to the dude, we have a very passionate kiss, and to his little sister, I say, "Good luck, I'm sure you'll miss my cats very much." She nods to me and gives me a big hug. We skip to a part where I follow the daughter up a flight of stairs to an entrance of an apartment and the father has now returned good, and I say to her, if you ever need my help, I'm always here." She smiles and says, "Thank you." And I wake up with a very numb and tired left arm. 😊