Don Juan Sorcerer and The Fun Car Chase

Date: 5/22/2017

By LionFoot65

I get a history lesson the the first world war and how certain important monuments were destroyed. I'm able to use the jump rope super well after climbing this super steep and sandy hill that had very white and smooth sand. Next Scene: I'm being trained by this shaman guy and I keep coming back to him after certain events in the dream. At some point I eat lasagna and some other delicious food. The shaman acts a lot like Don Juan from Carlos Casteñeda's books and he teaches me how to meditate and still my mind I go to this lake and there are these very beautiful girls in bikinis so me and my friend go talk to them. We say something about how we would like to fuck them and I end up fondling one of the girls big tits. I also end up fucking her in the water and it feels so good having our wet bodies move against each other. After that I go back to my shaman teacher who starts teaching me something until these really tough guys up who look fairly large and muscular and who start trying to bully people even me show up and so Don Juan goes up to them and tells them to leave or he's gonna beat the shit out of them and then the big tough guys start laughing really hard and so does Don Juan and I and three seconds later, both of them are knocked out in ridiculous positions which is funny. Next Scene: After that me/my avatar which is this older guy runs over these two cops kinda like GTA5 style and then more cops start chasing me. What's cool about this car chase though is that my car can jump over the cop cars that try to stop me by getting in front of me. When we get all the way to the desert, the name Whitney comes up for some reason and the old commander cop or whatever who's on the motorcycle hears it and sympathizes with me or something since Whitney fell in love with me and he knew her from somewhere. After that I see my old avatar on his death bed and I realize he isn't me and I see beautiful black and red and black and blue orchids outside his house growing from the the sound of the birds chirping. Next Scene: My dad and his friends are watching this pretty gory movie about this kid getting tubes through his head and being really bloody even though in the beginning of the movie they mentioned lucid dreaming. When my dad saw the gory stuff he decided to change the channel to something else lol.