wood bar

Date: 2/11/2017

By stefdrms

This is the second time I come to this bar in my dreams. I came this time with my Boyfriend I remember seeing a long line. I saw this girl I went to school With overly dressed up and thinking ewww. We walked passed the bar and I saw My friend of a long time that I had a strained relationship with for years but we are now Friends again. I told her how I saw that girl and we both shit talked on her and she left. I remember this guy asking Me for a napkin and he was with this girl that used to hate me in high school and she took the napkin from Me and made a face. I didn't think much of It. Finally realizing I forgot about My Boyfriend I went to look for him. The Orr of the bar I was in was like on an outside deck/patio. It was all wood. My boyfriend was on the inside of it. Sitting at a little Table. We sat down and I told Him about what happened. Then I saw this tall white bearded man walk out with a lamp unlike I've ever seen. It had a flat Base and it had like tree like branches in several directions, it was black and had this small White bulbs at the end of every branch. They weren't branches but more like lines. This was supposed to embody a constellation. He told me they brought out the lamp to let everyone know on the inside that you could see the constellations whenever the lamp was out if you went to the outside of the bar. I remember being excited and running out side and looking upwards. What I saw was breathing taking so Many stars, and severs Constellations present as ever ! They glittered and glimmered and I remember thinking I've never seen anything so beautiful In my life. Then I woke up .