Donald Trump was my boss

Date: 7/19/2019

By SleeplessPlayz

Me and my dad were at home. We were in my parents room I was laying on their bed. Then I said something about a business opportunity that would give Donald Trump some money (seems I was an employee), that would benefit me in a higher pay. My dad didn’t want to answer me, and I yelled “Hey answer me!” and was his usual self, where he gets offended over me raising my voice. Then we both hear a sound from downstairs, my dad cowers in fear behind me. Well, I decide to man up and rush downstairs after tip toeing for the first 3/4 of them. And she my mother in the kitchen, we are both realized. I go to the living room and for some reason have a giant Prince Polo in my hand, I take some bites of it..... then I woke up