I don't know

Date: 4/22/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

So I remember multiple parts of this dream. The first thing I remember is I was waling down a street with my family and my mother and my sister stop at a shop, I was walking behind. When I get there I see they were making something like custom biscuits, some looked like strange oreos, I remember they told me I had to choose how to make the last ones, the guy suggested me to make an ice cream sandwich with cookie dough and cream. I told my mother we shouldn't eat biscuits since we were going out for dinner. I walked in the shop and everything suddenly changed. They were making those things that sound when the wind moves their pendants. I was confused. I was browsing in the shop and it had all kinds of stuff. So then they completed those, mine was blue and my sister's was green. We walked out and then I remember I arrived at something that looked in between of a church and a stadium. It was a gay protest or something like that. I was there with my best friend. There were a lot of people, plenty of people sitting on the steps in front of that building. I was sitting on the grass. Then I was alone. I somehow got to another street. A black guy (no racism intended, I am just stating he was black) offered me a joint. Another one(was black too), probably because he was seeing that the other was harassing me told him "that is not a good filter for a joint" or something like that. I told the first guy I had already tried to smoke one and that I didn't need one. I got into the shop. I remember people. My memories are so confused but I know these three places are somewhat linked.