Drinking in a Church

Date: 2/12/2017

By Snubagaff

Karen driving a few of us somewhere. Earlier we were drinking out the back of someone's house. A friend's dad comes to pick him up and I am looking after him. Listening to a band of midgets and Brian is dancing on the stage with them. Ben was meant to be in charge of something but just left. Some people were being suspicious around work. The people had been tracked down and lived right next to Jake who lived on the end of a cul-de-sac at the end of a street that curved to the right. The front of his house was all glass. I kept eating lollies and Tess was annoyed but because she didn't want us going to the bathroom repeatedly and I said I hadn't drunk anything all day. Tess called in some people to train us. We were sitting in a circle. I got up to listen to the woman who was telling us things and everyone walked away. Keelan had a giant redstone snake trailing behind him. I was drinking and Tory was showing me his nasty ingrown toenail and explaining his plan to grow it out again. We are sitting roughly in a circle and are outside a large brick building with a large courtyard. (A church?) When I walked over to the group that had walked away, I saw LiLi and he was also confused as to why they had walked away.