Big Sausage

Date: 8/28/2019

By lucyv17

It was apparently school swap day (basically like class swap but with the entire school I guess) and do our entire student body had to go downtown to this weird science school. I can’t really remember the actual school part, but I do remember being able to leave at lunch to get food off campus. So my friend Toni comes bag with this nice looking stir fry so I’m like heck ya that looks good so me and my friend Lainey decide to head to get some. So after walking through this weird path just to get to a restaurant across the steer, we finally got to order. So the guy working there apparently didn’t speak english, so this dude from the back had to help translate. So ya, we ask for some stir fry, which was like basically the only option on the menu. So easy, right? Well, we wait for the food (probably a little too long), but when the guy calls our number for the order, I was a little confused. This guy, with like a weird fake smile on his face, hands us these absolutely humongous sausages. Like, seriously, two feet long and thick sausages. So me and lainey are like “what on earth are we gonna do with this phat things?” We asked for stir fry, not an entire pig’s worth or sausage. I’m like “hang on, man. This definitely isn’t what we ordered. Like what the f**k is this?” but he just kinda stands there and mumbles something in what I assumed was German. So, eventually, Lainey and I give up and decide to just take them, except they are literally the most heavy things imaginable. Like lainey was shaking trying to hang on to hers, and I was flat out about to drop the thing. I was like damn, how are we supposed to get these back. And then basically, we are like lugging these giant, probably inedible sausages back across the street, probably looking like morons in the process.