Grand mommy and dream chase

Date: 5/12/2017

By lisig

I'm walking through a dark building, I can tell other people live here. There are room areas, and they have left lights on an belongings placed to create shadow art as I'm walking through. Suddenly I see someone and then he turns and there's a knife in his back, as I see a shadow leap over the stair railing. I run to the stairs and see him and suddenly I'm the new target. I'm racing up and down and climbing the maze like stairs and then someke helps me, pulls me up and calls the police who show up and catch him just in time. I'm sitting in a room with relatives. Grand mommy is there, and mom. And some of the dolls she's made. I'm asking her if she remembers heaven, she says no, but the fact that she is there means it exists. Mom tells a weird story about dad, then I have to leave, I am in the airport now and going down the escalator I see dad coming up. He looks so young and carefree. I talk to him and give him a hug over the railing. He meets his sister at the top. I wake up.