school again

Date: 2/13/2017

By twilson37

Back to school again. College this time. Went to the gym to check out the new facilities . They had beds where you could nap. They were like some futuristic unsupported hammock. Seems like there were other new features, too. Going to be late for class. Get on an "elevator" that detaches from the building and you pilot it to your destination. It is like an amusement ride. There are several whizzing about. One looks like a dragon. The kind you see in the streets on Chinese New Year (in movies?). It is jumping rather than floating. You have to try to avoid it. I was very scared of a collision until I saw it go through another car without damaging it. Then realized it was more of a virtual reality thing. We were probably moving along a track quite safely while the images of flying jumping dragons were generated for our entertainment.