Digital art, A group of orphans, living on the outskirts of society, finally find solace and freedom in their collective secrecy, until one by one they are adopted, forcing them to hide their own thoughts in order to evade the watchful eyes of Big Brother.

Big brother, phase 2 - much worse!!!

Date: 10/26/2023

By Purple

If I think what’s going on today is bad, my dream proved to be much worse Nobody could be trusted. Nobody. There were no more possessions. If anyone dared to hold on to anything; the government would fix that misconception immediately People told on one another to stay safe themselves There was a mass government sweep of all people, places and things until every last possession and every last thought was no longer secret There was to be a secret coup. But even that plan fell through. No individual thoughts were safe or private. The physical world was a direct result of the emotional world. As thoughts became more and more exposed, the physical possessions also became less and less owned by private citizens. Even private belongings, as soon as the government learned of someone’s possession, it was exposed for others to see and take away. People who were verbal and outspoken had, one by one, shut up about everything. They complied. As if a light switch turned their thinking from private to public. No matter how much they fought in their own minds, it was as if a strong magnet flipped their thoughts over, and it was handed over to Big Brother, like it or not. When people witnessed the non-compliant citizens get punished, they kept all thoughts to themselves and showed zero expressions. Orphaned teens who were homeless seemed the freest, as they were the most elusive from the government because they were minors and not under the influence of the government. Somehow they flew under the radar. But as soon as the teen would get adopted, find a job or an apartment, they knew that their thoughts were no longer their own, and they tried to remain under the radar for as long as possible.

AI generated interpretation This dream portrays a dystopian society where trust is nonexistent and the government excessively monitors and controls its citizens. The dreamer's perception of current society as problematic is heightened in this dream, revealing a fear of losing personal freedoms and privacy. The absence of possessions suggests a loss of individuality and autonomy. Holding onto personal belongings brings consequences, indicating that the government restricts personal ownership and control. This reflects the dreamer's concern about the encroachment of authority on personal lives. The prevalence of individuals informing on each other signifies a pervasive atmosphere of fear and self-preservation. The dreamer may feel that in their waking life, people are quick to prioritize their safety over their loyalty to others. This highlights a general lack of trust and unity within the society the dreamer envisions. The secret coup failing and the lack of privacy further emphasize the inescapable control of Big Brother-like figures. The dreamer's subconscious recognizes that no thoughts or feelings are safe from scrutiny, inducing a sense of powerlessness. This fear possibly stems from a real-life apprehension about the erosion of personal privacy and the potential consequences it may have on freedom of expression. The dream also highlights the conformity of individuals under these circumstances. Even those who were once vocal and expressive learn to suppress their thoughts and outwardly comply with the government's demands. The idea that their thoughts are forcibly handed over to Big Brother represents a loss of personal agency and the imposition of an external authority's ideologies. The paradoxical freedom experienced by homeless, orphaned teens suggests that their marginalized status allows them to evade government surveillance to some extent. Nevertheless, when they integrate into society by finding employment, housing, or family, they must conform and surrender their independence. This reflects the inner conflict between the desire to maintain personal autonomy and the pressures to conform in order to survive within the system. Overall, this dream expresses the dreamer's anxiety about societal control, loss of personal freedom, and the potential consequences of surveillance and conformity. It reflects a deep-seated concern about the power dynamics and potential abuses of authority in the world.