The Terrifying Curse

Date: 6/20/2019

By HeyItsShelbyyy

I had said yes to some kind of deal, without realising it would put a curse on me for the rest of my life, with no way of getting rid of it. This curse included the fact that no matter where I was, somewhere, in any direction around me, would stand a man (or something that appeared to be a man), without hair or any facial expression, wearing black clothes and giving me a terrifying stare. It didn’t matter if I ran away, he would just appear wherever I was. As part of this curse, I needed to keep two voodoo-head-like balls on me at all times, and if I became parted from them, I would be immediately killed. I’m pretty sure the balls were the reason the man stuck around, but if I disposed of them, I’d die. I remember having a mental breakdown in my HASS classroom, because when I turned around and looked down the hall, the man was there, staring at me, but no one else could see him. I was sobbing and panicking, because I just wanted him to go away and for me to be able to live a normal life.