The Turbulent but Fascinating History of My Old House

Date: 3/24/2019

By fluffytree

Dreamt of being back in my old neighborhood watching a montage of my house there being built, seeing the first family and eventually skipping forward from the 40s to the early 90s where I saw a young black family move in. It was so interesting to watch. They had 2 kids and one was a teenage son who got caught up in a gang. He got in over his head and they began visiting the house. Rival gangs even shot at him and his friend one night. I was with them watching but existing as an unseen dream spirit. The dream skipped forward in time again by some weeks showing things getting worse between him and the gangs. The family fell into deep poverty as well and then his own gang tried to rush into his house one night to possibly kill him and his family as maybe punishment for him possibly trying to get out. He had a surprise for them though. He and his little brother had some powerful grenades that they rigged to explode as soon as they entered which killed all of the members. It set the whole upstairs of the house ablaze and I never saw any of the family escape making me wonder if it was a suicide attack. Time skipped forward by months showing the place sitting on the poor brick support beams leftover from the fire until my uncle shows up with a work crew to help build it back up. I assumed this was around the time he bought the house even though irl he bought it in the 70s not the 90s. It was spring time and the weather was so beautiful. I hear a familiar voice coming up the street and it's none other than my old bubbly neighbor Dwayne. He was about to move in next door with his family. The next series of montages shows my grandmother and aunt visiting and moving in, which precedes me and my family moving in by a few years as we were still in Maryland at the time. And the dream ends right as a van pulls up that has 12 year old me with my family visiting the place for the first time. This really was an incredibly timeless experience of a dream even if only 10% of it was accurate. The history of it from before we moved could have happened though but I have no idea and there's no way I could know about the things that I saw.