Creepy man

Date: 2/25/2017

By Inva

I. Morning. A lot of sunlight. I knew which house was mine if I looked at the row of buildings in my street of residence, but I forgot the address. Was it 5504 or 5506 or 5505 or 5508...? II. Went out to... probably 5th Ave, in special blue chariot-car that was ornately decorated. My dad parked it in some weird spot in a parking lot. I went inside a building, did nothing in it, and suddenly got pulled into some improvisation play. A girl (who looked like Daniella from my school Stuy) pulled me out of it and we just went walking. Along the way, I saw a black man holding a gun, muttering to himself. There was a Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's nearby. I heard him say something about shooting up the place. I ran and ran with the girl, in a non straight path. I hid between buildings as bullets and dust/smoke flew. Eventually I heard sirens. ... The girl, even after the shooting, didn't know why we ran 😑 III. I'm not sure how far I ran, but suddenly I had dinner with a friend (not the girl - I don't know how she disappeared). It was late when we stopped. We ran back home even though it was a long long path. IV. While we were running, we met a little girl, talked. She went home. Somehow started knowing about this creepy bald man with a beard (like my Precalculus teacher, Mr. Stern) who was a serial killer. I think that info was from a Latina woman I came across (my friend was at home by now). She had a baby in a stroller, and two little deformed tiny tiny tiny limpy children (probably 1 - 2 inches tall) carrying either pro-life or pro-choice signs. They barely could carry them, but the mother had no sympathy. I somehow met up with my family (minus my dad) while running on the way home. They also knew about the creepy man. We saw him trying to lure the kids of the woman. She stabbed him again and again, something he didn't anticipate. He was thought of as a strong serial killer who could overpower you. It was morning by now. We're still running. Apparently we were on a really long path, so we over ran and had to go "backwards" to go home. On the way, we came across several kids, one crying. They were holding candy. I immediately assumed that the creepy man gave them those candies. The crier said it was because it made him/her feel weird. I saw that Jew had the candy. I could smell it from her mouth. Asked her over and over whether she has eaten it or not. She had. Idiot -_-. My mom couldn't run, so she was way behind us. Trans suddenly told me that mom called for her to go to her. I'm not sure how trans knew, because she was with us and I didn't hear my mom call out to trans. I was afraid to let her go to my mom alone, and asked her what my mom said, exactly 2 times. She didn't answer. That was when I woke up to the sound of my own voice, asking.