Wrestling Andre The Giant and Portal Travel

Date: 6/21/2017

By zanderbander

I discovered that I was going to have to wrestle Andre The Giant and at first I was terrified. I'm not a big person and he's huge. I met him before the match and he was really nice. We became friends and we agreed to put on a good show. I was worried he might accidentally hurt me. I met my friend at the bar before the match. I ordered a tequila and a Red Bull. I couldn't find my ID so I went to go get it. It wasn't in my room so I came back and the bartender gave me the drink anyway. I knocked it back and started psyching myself up for the match. I got into the ring and then Andre started double jumping me like how kids do on big trampolines and it was awesome. I was being launched like 50 ft in the air and coming down safely. We decided to get down to the match but suddenly nobody was there to watch us. My brother showed me how his friends were quickly traveling great distances by going through portals in microwaves and suitcases and other small places. I tried to figure it out. There was a name for this magic. It was something like Bokonen