Hittman on myself?

Date: 2/23/2017

By courtneywise

So my life has been pretty boring and I didn't do much except look at videos on YouTube about the deep web. Now let me tell you. NEVER GO ON TO THE DEEP WEB. the video i was watching was something about hiring hitman. And I fell asleep on my computer keyboard. I woke up maybe 10 min later and went up stairs to bed. As I drift to sleep my dream starts with me, waiting up on the keyboard again, this time I stay awake and go on the deep web. I come across a bunch of black screens, one of them in big red letters it read hitman. so I thought? "What if i hired a hitman on myself?" It would be like dancing with the devil. and so I did. The dream continued with a strange man following my every move. It was time to play. But of course... I woke up.