My Parents get Divorced

Date: 5/24/2017

By LainSol

My parents, siblings, and I were moving away from our current house so that we could live in a better town. Our new house was pretty big and it had lots of forest outside to explore. I noticed something strange, though. Ever since we moved (about two weeks before), Dad had only been around about once a week. At first I thought it was just work, but then it was only every other week. I knew that something was up, so I decided to ask my mom about it while we were hiking. She told me about someone from her work named Burt that she was seeing now. I was shocked. My parents were supposed to love each other, not cheat on each other with random people from work. I told her this, but she just responded with "It's not cheating! He knows. "I'm happy with Burt now, and you can't change that." I just walked away. This was unbelievable. This was IMPOSSIBLE! I found a large tree with branches like a ladder that I climbed up to think in. I went out with everyone in my family (except for Dad) to a restaurant that we used to eat at when I was little. It was seafood, I remember seeing mermaids, a pirate, and a chest full of gold on a blinking sign. It made me think of Dad.I wanted to cry. None of this was supposed to happen. The next time that Dad came, we (my siblings and I) were helping him fix a fence in the forest. "She kicked you out during the move, didn't she?" I finally forced myself to ask. He didn't answer, but that was all I needed to know. Mom and this Burt guy were going to get married soon. It all hit me at once, so I woke up with my face in a "crying position".