Nightmare: Supernatural Investigators

Date: 2/1/2017

By Ecnelis_Lataf

For the rare occasion when I dreamt I was looking through my own eyes. I was a part of a supernatural investigations team with my older sister (Josie) and my younger sisters (Seri and Jali.) We worked with some of our friends as well for the tech, research, and herbs needed for house cleansing. “So we just gotta go through this footage and we should be able to give them more information.” I said as I sat in the van and put up some of the tapes. “So do you enjoy what you do, Marko?” one of our friends, Jacob, asked me. “Well yeah. We help people realize if their home is safe or not. Sometimes we even get to help spirits cross over.” I answered. “Yeah but the repercussions of that can be dangerous for you guys.” Logan stated as he helped put away some of the cords. We had just finished wrapping up the recording process for the night. My sisters were on their way back with the last of the tech. Everyone was tired. “It can be dangerous but with gifts like ours it's pretty much become an occupational hazard on the daily.” Josie said with a small grin. “Don't worry new guy, you'll catch on.” Jacob rolled his eyes at the ‘new guy’ comment but nodded. “We should get going soon. We all need to sleep and get to work on the recordings.” “Yeah. Dani and Alex should be up and ready to go for their part.” Seri stated. “We all know Marko will be up with them for part of it.” Jali teased me. “Sleep is for the weak.” I stated as they laughed. We piled in the van and car and headed off to our hotel where we were staying. Hours passed and most of our footage and audio wound up debunking the “haunted” house. Jacob had to pretty much drag my stubborn butt to the bed and force me to get some rest while he, Logan, Dani, and Alex finished off the rest of the recordings. Later on Josie woke me up and smiled at me. “Got some raspberry coffee with your name on it.” I nodded sleepily and got up out of bed. I was a definite sucker for her coffee. When I got up I noticed that Logan and Alex had gone to bed. Jacob and Dani were both still at it. “They're almost as stubborn as you.” I told Josie with a light laugh. She got me a glass of her frozen coffee and I pulled up a seat by Jacob. “Morning sleeping beauty.” He teased and handed me some headphones. “Listen closely to this.” He hit play and I listened close. I heard what sounded almost like rain falling...but it was a clear starry night last night. I looked over to him and he shrugged, just as stumped as I was by it. Dani came across sounds of gunfire and women talking on hers. She'd played them for Josie first and then me. I was officially grateful Jacob had made me get some rest cuz this was beginning to make my head spin. A couple hours later and those two had finally gone to bed. Jali and Seri woke up. Josie caught them up to speed while I slowly drank my frozen coffee. I listened as they began the research process. Josie was on the phone with our friend David for some supplies...just in case we needed to perform a house cleansing. I put on some headphones again and began listening to the recordings once more. I tuned out everyone else as I listened. “Tick...tock...chil...dren.” i heard as a shiver ran down my spine. I stopped and rewound. Playing it again. Once again i heard it. I looked up at Jali who had placed a hand on my trembling ones. “Marko?” Jali asked in worry. I slowly removed my headphones and looked up to Josie. “She...followed us…” Josie’s eyes widened a bit. “We need to cleanse that house and the family.” Seri looked between us and stared me down. “Who followed you?” “The mirror-walker. I only ever saw her in mirrors. She's...been following me...but I thought we got rid of her…” I was shaking as I felt nausea wash over me. Josie went back to the phone, “David we need you on the first flight out asap. Bring the supplies. This just became a code red.” I couldn't make out anything else that was said. I'm pretty sure Josie was scouring the video feed for the mirror-walker. I wasn't sure. I was gone. Jali had to remove the headphones and tape player from me. I had started hyperventilating and was being led out of the room by Jali so I could breathe. “Who is she?” Jali asked me calmly. “A woman we once worked with...Abigail Chase...she was amazingly gifted.” i answered as I tried to calm my breathing and heartrate. “I'm guessing that didn't go well.” Jali said and gave my hand a squeeze. I shook my head. “I...I really loved her. She was headstrong and kind...but her gifts were too much...she was too vulnerable…” Tears fell from my eyes. “She tried to exorcise a spirit on her took her over...made her insane…” “And she's blaming you?” Jali questioned. “We harm those we love most because they'll never leave, right?” I stated as I wiped at the tears. “Maybe she'll leave you guys alone if I finally just join her.” Jali slapped me as pain showed in her eyes. “Sorry. I...I just...don’t want anyone else to die because of my stupidity…” I whispered. “We'll win this just...we may have to exorcise her…” Jali explained. I looked away, pain coursing through my heart. “I know...I know…” That afternoon we met David at the airport and explained the situation. Josie had me sit in the car with Jacob and Seri while she and David picked up a few more supplies. I was losing heart more and more as I thought about it. “Keep that up and you'll go numb. We can't have you doing that in this line of business. You're our healer remember?” Jacob warned me. He was right. I did a lot of spiritual healing work for the group to help keep us going. Josie was our leader but healers are just as important. I nodded and gave him a weak smile. He messed up my hair and smirked as if saying ‘I told you so’ while attempting to cheer my ass up. David and Josie came back to the car and Seri ran them through the info she'd gathered on the house and all previous residents. It seemed to have a knack for scaring off people after 3 months. We got here in month 2. I don't want to know what would have been happening if we'd gotten called here later. We were driving down the road towards the house we were investigating when Abigail’s spirit appeared and our car swerved into a ditch. The doors were ripped off by an unseen force. I awoke after that.