Closure.. maybe?

Date: 2/15/2019

By brittanyireneeee

For some backstory: My ex and I broke up 7 months ago to the day exactly. I have since started dating a new guy. I haven’t spoken to my ex in almost 6 months. We ended on good terms, but some hurtful information did come out in the end. We also agreed it wouldn’t be the last time we spoke, but now I’m thinking that it was. So now for the actual dream... Now most dreams for me seem to jump around and have many messy pieces. But this one felt pretty complete and coherent. It all started in the city at a big festival or some sort of event. I was there with my current boyfriend and my family. We were all hanging out, talking and having a great time. There was some sort of ride that took groups of people around a big park just to sightsee I guess. So my boyfriend and I get on this ride in one of the front rows. It’s not until the end when the ride is over and we are getting off that I realize my ex and his family are sitting in the row directly behind me.. (now this part to me, although seemingly minor, has symbolism because he is behind me just like he is in the past in real life) We get up to get off the ride and I end up losing my boyfriend in the crowd. This is when my ex sees and acknowledges me. We end up taking a little stroll, just him and I through the busy crowds. He seems to be in a rush and won’t look at me much, but he is still talking to me. I start to tell him that I hope he is happy, healthy and doing well. I apologize for the way things ended and the way I feel like I hurt him. He starts giving me a little attitude and a negative tone of voice and states that all of this has already been said and done. I tell him I just wanted to reiterate these things because I think about them often. He continues to be rushing around like he’s looking to get away from me or find something or someone else. Not much else is said. He gets to a crosswalk and the light immediately changes to walk. He takes off in the crowd and I can’t see him anymore. I’m walking away to find my family back where I had left them before my current boyfriend and I got onto the ride. I see them all together at a picnic table. I look around to see if my boyfriend is anywhere in sight. Suddenly, the crowds clear out and there aren’t nearly as many people. All I see is my boyfriend walking through the big gates of the park. Are these gates symbolic? We meet up with each other and embrace. I finally wake up. I can’t stop thinking about this dream and what it might mean. It’s like I feel like I know, and I feel better at the moment about how I’ve left my ex and found new love. But I still can’t stop wondering.. does anyone have any thoughts or opinions? Thank you for reading!