I'm A Demon?

Date: 3/29/2017

By ThatHayleyBeing

I first remember walking through the streets by myself and I went past an elderly couple and a couple of young children. It seemed normal to me until they started screaming and running away in fear. One of the little girls fell and I went to go help her up but she fainted from panicking. I picked her up into my arms and went to go find her friend to take this girl to safety. I was still confused as to why everyone was scared of me as this is very unrealistic in real life. Then I started seeing bounty posters which had a picture of some creepy red demon. I ignored it and carried on to find this girl's friends. I ended up going down a dark alleyway and was trapped by a huge group of civilians which were carrying what looked to be water. They threw the water at me and screamed abuse at me. They also accused me of killing the little girl. Then I woke up