Woke Up Sweaty

Date: 2/27/2017

By guido38

I met the girl of my dreams last night . She was hot . She was white . A little bit thick . Blonde hair kind of short . She had freckles . And she cussed like a sailor . I guess I was at a pool party . When she splashed me jumping off the diving board . We made eye contact and said hi . We had a real intimate stare . So we left the pool and went to sit on the patio picnic bench . She was on the phone . And I remember asking her how many guy friends she had . I don't remember her exact reply I just remember her talking to me as if she didn't want to mess up our moment at the time . But I remember her mentioning some guy named Ted I think maybe like a brother type of friend . Then she was on an old school Nokia and I saw her delete a Stephen out of her contacts . Hmmmm idk then I don't remember exactly what was said after that I just remember waking up like we talked a little more in the dream and maybe she said something I didn't quite like because i said never mind right before I got up . Maybe not the girl of my dreams after all .