hack saw man

Date: 1/25/2017

By emilyassoulin

Me and another girl are going to pick up a chainsaw that this guy has for sale. We never drive there but just appear in front of this old shack. He tells us to come inside while he gets the item that we are looking to buy. We are now in a small room made from stone. There are two rusty chairs in the middle, we sit in them. There is a door to the right where i can see the man. He has his back turned to us but i can see him holding the chainsaw. He is wearing a bloody apron and his hair is wild. He turns around and revs the chainsaw. He then cuts into the girls right leg with it. I scream. There is blood everywhere. We run out if the stone room down a small hallway that leads outside. I hold onto her while her leg is bleeding. We get outside and the man is gone.