Sad like pandas

Date: 6/15/2017

By AisDareth

near apocalyptic setting - the human race was dying out because people just weren't interested in other people anymore. Apathy +100. so some scientist designed life like cyborgs that were built to be really interesting, so people would start caring again and realize that people are neat. I was homeless like most of the population had become, and was currently nesting in what used to be a Fred Meyers. then hobo Chris Pratt came along and was one of those selfless, positive shining rays of hope who was just really kind and helpful. he helped me find a better place to sleep that wasn't as drafty, and we scavenged for food together. then this biker dude and cowboy chick drove by and were looting and hooting and hollering. Hobo Chris Pratt and I kept to ourselves, but the cowboy chick got fixated on us. she got aggressive with us, and started hunting us. Hobo Pratt was like "oh no she must be malfunctioning!" and I was like "how do you know she's a cyborg?" and he was like "we can tell between our kind!" HOBO PRATT WAS A CYBORG WHAT A TWIST #MNIGHTSHAMALAYAN However, the deeply rooted program to keep her from killing humans was still in place, so she kept hunting us and eventually found us and was like "I'LL KILL YOU...IN 17 DAYS!!!" running after us shooting her guns in the air. these cyborgs were made really well, and the only way to Short circuit them was to zap them with static electricity from an all natural horse hair brush. Pratt just happened to have one. so he stroked her with it and she dropped over, broken. looking at her up close, I noticed she had those creepy hair follicles that dolls have. then some chunky black lady walked by with a shopping cart staring at us like we were a bunch of freaks. then I woke up.