my kids

Date: 8/2/2017

By karmakaziska

I was on a journey with my children my dad and my aunt. in my dream my youngest son was very very small could fit into the palm of my hand. me and my aunt and her boyfriend and a child that she had with her and a carseat we're all traveling in her SUV on the other hand was my daughter traveling in a sidecar of a motorcycle with my dad. we were all getting ready to head on the highway ask where my daughter was and then I saw her in the Sidecar I saw her toppling over a little bit and straps that didn't seem secure. is scared the living s*** out of me so we pulled over to the Campground site where we were trying to rearrange seating agreements because I was uncomfortable too worried about my daughter safety this whole time I was holding my son tell I sat him down and strapped him up and a little toy car seat cuz that's the only thing he would fit in thinking he'd be safe. then a cat snatch him up and tried eating him I was freaking out and was sticking my had down the cats throat then I woke up