beautiful, long dream where i see god painted on the wall

Date: 3/14/2017

By infinnatejoy

im laying down on julia's lap it is very hot there are movies playing projected onto the walls around us we are on a big couch and it's long too, long enough for us to lay comfortably on each other there are blankets and we are between many other people i am very sleepy and warm and julia just holds me and i am dozing and everyone else is talking quietly and laughing or watching the movie around us are our friends, my friends from highschool, and next to us is my highschool history teacher julia takes out some weed and says lets go upstairs (i want to go because i want to kiss her) but i get nervous because i forget i am an adult and that my history teacher will see he starts talking to us about the weed and it's fun and he makes fun of theo for having mixed three different strains in a plastic bag with holes in it people start to leave and i am alone on the couch with a girl ive never met she says she is called cherry she is asian and very thin and has long brown hair in pigtails and she takes julia's place in holding me people are getting on a tourbus because we're going to take a trip but i was not informed and i almost dont go but i want to stay with cherry and julia so we get on the bus and there's the same kind of warm light and blankets on the floor we start to drive and it feels like a long time but finally we come to a place that looks like a city, a theme park, and a summer camp in one there are buildings, churches, there is a building painted with the faces of three white wolves and a yellow star they flash by and i start to notice crowds of people holding bags and wearing matching black tshirts they seem to be in a good mood, the whole atmosphere is of nervous anticipation the bus pulls over and im forced to wake up so i can walk and put on a blacktshirt i find my friends and teachers and we stand in a group in front of a fence the staff of the place are all interesting young adults that speak many different languages and they make jokes at our expense there are free croissants on a table on a minigolf course one of the people running the gates' opening mechanism is a paraplegic, no arms and no legs, he is wesring a jester costume and he's got giant red metal hands with which he waves around himself i offer to gethim a croissant he seems okay with that and i run as fast as i can overthe minigolf course to the table, which i now realize is actually covered in odly shaped giant pastries. i grab the modt flakey looking one and give him half. he looks like an empty rattling tin can and scares me a little bit for this disrespect i am thrown out i go with one of the employees of the cafe to a party in chicago and danny and honor and izzy are there the light is dark purple like blacklight and there is an empty swimming pool, everything is covered in tiles and ladders im showing them my cartoons, which are black and white and purple, with little dots and they are ofghosts and stairs and trapdoors and cats and shadows and they are the best thing i have ever made honor is skinny and pale but she is alive