Date: 5/2/2017

By Fitful

I was wearing a shirt with tails, long tails which came down to my feet. I didn't even realize I was until someone pointed it out for me. --- There was this machine attached to the water fountain. Before you got to the machine there was a small short water fountain for dogs. I was really discouraged from looking at the machine, it seemed intimated I would break it if I used it. For a second I had fun with the dog water fountain, it had a motion sensor and shot out water when you got close, but quickly I got bored I started using the machine anyway. Or I tried but it was already broken. It was an interesting machine, I really wanted to see what it did. It was metal and the whole thing was shaped loosely like a large bullet or a quiescent dalek. The top had this circular indentation which opened up these fan like doors and led to a sight of all the streamlined insides working seamlessly it appeared. The thing just didn't work, at first I thought there was a few pieces of discarded metal sticks thrown in those fan doors. I pulled them out and there were always more to pull out. Each of the circle was divided into pie pieces on the inside so I there was a lot of ways for the sticks to get caught. But eventually I removed them all. I found the machine still not working, even though a view from the panel underneath made it look fine. Then I was contacted by me from a other universe and she reported the miners there she had been protecting, well the mine had collapsed. But she saved all the miners and sent them to me. There were literally thousands. I realized they were in the machine, which was what made it not work. I pressed a button to make it work and watched from underneath and I saw them slide in then obscure the mechanism. Tiny colorful rockets all escape capsules from another world. ----- Simultaneously as I worked on the machine I worked on opening a huge box which had just been shipped to me. It was very large and long. I knew I wanted to put together what was in the box. I had a guy with me and his father to help, because the box was just that big. Laying down on its side it was over our heads by stories and the length seemed to stretch out a mile. I kept opening it but it kept getting closed, I don't know if time rewound or what but again and again I opened the box and it closed. There was writing on it, and I didn't understand the significance at first. A work order on the inside and some writing around the outside cardboard box. We kept moving the thing here and there trying to get to it to open it properly. It kept falling on the guy, it must have fallen on him as many times as it opened. I never actually saw his father but I knew he was there. Finally one time when we got the end open again, or rather I did, I read the work order on the inside. It was the guys handwriting. I knew right then he and his father were traitors, he had been there when it shipped and now he was trying to cover his tracks to get it sent back. He didn't remember it though, that he was a traitor, and protested from underneath the box. ---- I was really close to this girl. I mean my perspective, I don't think I had a body, I was just viewing her, just a picked of her, a line of her jaw and her yellow hair. Then I looked straight ahead and there was a clock head hanging in mid air. The surrounding was vaguely a dark empty street in a town center. It was all blurred tho, the only thing clear was this ornate clock, like you would see on top a Victorian city tower, and it was hung right in the middle of the town square aloft in the air.