Mystery Trip

Date: 4/10/2017

By genevieve99

I was going on a trip, and I stumble across this building. Perhaps a hotel? I go inside and I have to use the restroom. There is a decent amount of stalls, maybe 8 or so. I go in some and there are (what appears to be homeless) people asleep. I keep checking the stalls, and the last one is empty, but I stepped on a covered razor blade. Fast forward, I am outside. These two people, a man and a woman, approach me. They are friendly and willing to show me around. The man asks for my phone number and I give him mine. Creeped out by the town, I decide to leave. When I get back home, I got a call. It was a number with an area code I didn't recognize. I answered and immediately asked who it was. The same man from the town answered, and he said "never mind" and hung up. I called him back, recognizing his voice. He then asked I to dinner at his house. I agreed even though I were already back in town, so we began driving again.