Afraid of being grown

Date: 4/14/2017

By Calypso

I was on a small airplane and there was food being served by the hostesses. I was sitting in the grown up section of the plane and I was excited to eat grown up food. When the food was served, it was chicken and broccoli with too much rice. I thought this was the best thing ever until i sneaked a peek into the kids section behind us through the door opening. I saw that the kids had their own tables and chairs to eat on while the adults sat close together like sardines. They were also served bigger plates of food with not as much rise and more meat. I instantly regretted my choice to sit in the grown up section. I heard the kids and teens laughing and telling jokes while the adults sat and ate in boring silence. Afterwards, the plane flew to New York City, dangerously close to the tall buildings in Manhattan. Even through it was nightime, the lights of the buildings were bright so we could all see.