College and Disney

Date: 5/27/2019

By ace200

I was moving into college, but the move in day was very early and we were told college hasn’t “officially” started, so when it came to food and living, we would be on our own until it started in the next week. I was apparently going to school in Florida right near Disney, and my sister was with me along with some other friends I knew. It started out kind of rocky because first, all the dorms got taken and there weren’t any left, so we had to ask the school to build more, discovering they were just going to build a whole new building of dorms just for us. In the meantime, we had to stay in a crappy old one that leaked. I obviously didn’t have a job in Florida yet, and didn’t know how to get food without money, so my sister and I would get fishing rods from the school and fish for fish in this river near Disney. We would then sell the fish for food. I ended up then going to Disney with my family. We went on a pretty big roller coaster, but the carts were likes cars instead of us being outside in the wind. My dad was really nervous, but it wasn’t that bad. I remember being dressed super weird like I was from an anime or something. I had long socks, but short shorts. My hair was in pigtails and I had on a lot of makeup. We were in this room full of mirrors that would shake and distort, and we’d be flying all over the place.