Laserbeam shooting wolfs triggered a real flight or fight response

Date: 3/25/2019

By GoldenApple

Trying to scare some creepy wolf looking creatures with some human traits at the attic because they were ruining the town with laserbeams, shooting and tearing down buildings. They were nobody you wanted to get close to, but I closed the door to keep a shield between me and them and started pressing my face against the glass, pulling faces, making loud sounds, they only really got more angry. All of the sudden I get this VERY creepy, scary feeling behind me, my instincts kick in instantly all my brain could tell me was:" if I turn around im dead, its a big wolf" My brain convinced me what was happening right now is real, my heart is beating fast and terribly hard. I woke up with my heart beating the same as in my dream and now im feeling jumpy, felt like I turned into an animal.