Defending the city from a horde of goblin/ogre creatures

Date: 7/9/2017

By KariRagnor

The dream re-ran itself after waking up. Success the first time failed the second. I was helping defend a fortress that resembled bobst and they had giant creature that threw stones into our building. They first time around we had a series of archers that thinned out the ranks and we ended up fighting them off. The second time around I was woken up and told I was part of the first wave of defenders. I got dressed in normal clothes that acted like chain mail (red silk shirt Molly gave me and softball socks) and when I went upstairs to help defend the fortress, we were already mostly overrun. We retreated out the back of the building and when I looked around we were in a clearing With a softball field on one side. I think I had superpowers.