My New Professor

Date: 8/12/2017

By srey798

So last night, I had another disturbing dream. I was back in college and I have enrolled in multiple courses. One course in particular I was struggling. I had questions about the assignment and ultimately my professor told me to meet him at his office during his business hours. I showed up with the assignments in my hand and a blue highlighter. I remembered walking into his office and setting my papers on a table facing the wall. As I was looking over these problems with my back facing him, I was asking him to help me and look at these problems himself. Instead he slowly walked up behind me and pulled my hair to the side. I froze and a million thoughts raced through my head. "What are you doing?" I asked while looking down at my paper that had certain problems highlighted blue. "Just relax." He proceeded to push my back down and my torso was on the table. He grabbed my hair and pulled it back, touching me all over my body. "Please stop." He ignored my pleads and raped me. After the incident, I went to the headmaster and informed her of what had happened. She said that they couldn't take action at all unless I had photographic evidence. She basically suggested to have sex with him again and take pictures of us during so I can use it as evidence. I ultimately decided to burn the school down because there was no way in hell I was willingly going to have sex again with him to prove he raped me. I don't know what's wrong with me, guys... thoughts?