School Bubble

Date: 7/4/2019

By abenson

I dreamt that I went to a public school, i was a part of the middle school, and the middle school was kept in a bubble that they were not able to leave. Something in the air i think. Anyways i remember being in the building, when i see guys threw the window approach the school entrance and shoot a strong enough shot to blow the entrance apart. I was off to the side and ran out of the building. Apparently it’s safe for me to go out, special powers? I ran far away going through school yards and behind fields. Eventually i stopped and waited behind the high school to see if people were ok ad returning. I saw those kids return and went through the high school to blend in. I landed in the field house where i came across an old softball teammate and another girl i’m close too. They assured me that the kids at the middle school were ok and they were fine. I made my way back over. I went in to see that they were fine, some people were hurt, some people were going crazy about the strange men who came in.