Finally went lucid, but kinda scary..

Date: 2/28/2019

By Luuck

So I forgot exactly what we were doing, but it was almost dark and we were going through our city but it was really strangely formed. Although I was lucid I still felt like I had limited control of the dream. I felt like I stayed in there for many hours and I even got tired within the dream, but it’s only been like 40 minutes since I last woke up. My lucid powers were only used to help the situation. I didn’t feel I had the power to do anything else. I’m with the dream. I was in some weird version of my room where my bed was on another wall. The first thing that happened was that I saw a little creature look through one of my cabinets built into the wall, and it was horrifying especially since it’s dark, so I told it to go away with a very scared scream. I then thought, is this really happening??? So I pinch my nose and I realize I’m dreaming. So I try to send fireballs into the cabinet, but I only sent very small harmless fireballs. Then more stuff happened I don’t remember. I mostly just spawned things we needed for our cause and stuff. Even though I was aware I could spawn stuff, I was still scared about the situation we had in the dream. I even flew a good amount. I wanted to try to talk to my subconscious but it didn’t work. There’s many details I don’t remember, since this is one of the earlier REM periods that my brain woke me up in. In fact I couldn’t even remember I dreamed at all when I first woke up!