Mauled by a mountain lion ( kind of long but worth reading)

Date: 1/25/2017

By LdonnyH24

I was walking with these two girls, that I don't recognize from real life, but in the dream I knew that they were sisters. we were walking back to my place when one of them said she knew a few back roads and she wanted to show us the way to get there faster. I agreed to go with them.. we got to a small parking lot in the back of a small building with steps that led down into a parking garage. the parking lot was very dark, except for one corner that was illuminated by a single street light, and there were tall trees in the parking lot. I decided I wanted to turn around because it was getting too dark to take back roads. one of the sisters agreed to go with me but the other one that was leading us to the Backroads decided to keep going the other direction. we turned to go our separate ways, but as she was walking away, I turned back around and saw a large Shadow in one of the trees. it took me a while to see what the shadow was, but then my eyes adjusted, and I saw that it was a mountain lion sitting quietly on the branch of a tree and waiting to pounce, she was walking right up to it. I shouted to her and told her to run, but it was too late. at that moment the mountain lion jumped down from the tree with so much grace, that it's feet didn't even make a sound when it hit the ground. she had just got into the corner of the parking lot that was illuminated by the street light when she heard me shouting and turned around, and before she had a chance to even scream, the mountain lion attacked her. It bit her head but didn't bite hard enough to crush it. She tried to get away but the mountain lion pinned her to the ground with his enormous paws. he bit her once again in the back, and tore some of the skin off. her sister was screaming and crying hysterically, she tried to run towards the mountain lion, but I held her back so that she wouldn't get mauled too. we both got behind the steps of the parking garage and watched helplessly as the mountain lion tore her apart while she was still alive; I felt horrible, I wanted to save her really badly but I knew that I couldn't fight off a mountain lion. she was just losing consciousness when her sister ran from behind the parking garage steps and ran towards the mountain lion, It noticed her and started running towards her, so she ran right back behind the steps where I was standing. I knew that the lion was going to follow her right to me so I started running as fast as I could into the parking garage. there was no exit from the parking garage but there was an elevator, so I ran towards the elevator as fast as I could. I couldn't outrun the mountain lion, and I felt it gaining on me. all of the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up and I knew that I was about to get mauled by the mountain lion next. I woke up right before the mountain lion caught me.